WeRe in Business too! For you! 

[Providers of any type of goods and services]

If you haven’t already heard about WeRe Bank then this brochure may be the start, but we do recommend that you read; Leaflets 1,2,3, and 4 in this series first to give you some idea of who we are and what we offer.

The Re

Where is it accepted and why should you try it?

Where ever you see the WeReHeRe sign then you know your Home!

The future we are told is a CASHLESS society but is this something we have asked for or is it being forced upon us via an agenda we know little about? Either way, once everything is controlled via a High Street banker’s electronic terminal then who knows what “surprise gifts” they have in storage for you. Do you really want these people to have a say about how you live your life?

So we are offering you a choice.

Yes, by all means allow the global banking elite to take the world towards a cashless nightmare but why not cut them out of any possibility of subterfuge by using another TOTALLY NEW AND PROTECTED MONETARY UNIT and RePay card system over which they have no control whatsoever?

This is the offer – Security – Better and cleaner trading practices – more demand for your products and services and peace of mind in knowing that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARENA that your assets and wealth is ring fenced and protected by being invested in WeRe Bank – free from seizure, taxation, interest, inflation and penalty. Now who else can offer such reassurances?

WeRe – Practical Above all else!

Now, you don’t have to abandon the Old Defunct system completely or immediately – indeed you cannot but what we ask you to do is consider a parallel approach. Park our system alongside your existing and see which is better for you!

Our Target Market is…You!

Any small to medium sized enterprise including and especially small firms and individual traders.

Small hotels and groups, restaurants, Institutes and Associations like the WI, cafes, garages and mechanics, gardeners, hairdressers, consultants, IT technicians and web designers, electricians, plumbers, painters, farmers, roofers, scaffolders, brick-layers, engineers, all artisans and tradesmen who are the back bone of society – not the multi nationals.


The WeRe Bank PlanetRe Payment card is also accepted because it allows greater growth of business, but not in so “voracious a profit motivated way” aimed at greater wealth generation by the “goods, services and retail supplier” because more people will actively choose to use him/her due to their ethical stance, their allegiance to a brother-hood within a Circle of Trust and also because the retailer/supplier is not subject to taxation or debit of his account by any outside agency. This mean he has greater flexibility in WHAT HE CAN ACCEPT FOR PAYMENT and also the rate he charges.

With no VAT/MVST/TVA/Sales Tax and no taxation or PAYE and Self-Assessment liability to worry about and no inflation or interest to fight off, then that alone would allow you to practically half the price of your goods and services AND STILL “out profit your competitor”. And don’t forget the sheer number of people who’ll come towards you as WeRe Bank/ReMembers is growing daily.


You can/should price ALL your goods/services in Re to obtain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE while at the same time accepting payments in your local/national currency – as you chose.

Your business will be publicised on our site and so people WILL TO TRAVEL TO YOU if they wish to ReDeem their Re or other currencies into YOUR account. This is the trade package.

There is NO requirement therefore for a TOTAL BUY IN TO THE IDEA on your behalf – we just ask you to try it! All you require initially to get started is:

1. The ReTerminal which is simply the WeRe Bank RePay App onto your Smartphone

2. The WeReHeRe Sign

3. Your first ReMember with a card


You should offer to accept 100% Re FOR ANY OF YOUR GOODS,SERVICES OR PRODUCTS for the goods or services which you provide or your business provides/offers.

All your transactions will be CREDITED to your account within 2-3 days and you will be exempt from all classes of business and personal taxation and accounting procedures to any govermental agency. This factor ALONE will allow you to virtually half your pricing structure and still make a profit!


Any empty room in a hotel is a Re-Room

Any empty cover in a restaurant is a Re-Table

Any empty repair bay in the garage is a Re-Bay

Any empty order book is a Re-Order book

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