FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Paradox of asking for £ sterling when you claim you have your own unit of money of account?


Many will ask: “But if you are telling us that the unit of currency, the Re, is what you claim it is, then why do you ask £10 sterling from us and/or £25 for a cheque book? Why can’t we pay you in Re? Isn’t this a bit of a contradiction?” Is it not a scam?

A: The answer to all those questions is a No! But it appears to be a contradiction to many. However, please think it through!

Yes, is appears to be a contradiction BUT that is only because during the embryonic stages, we require £ to pay for the various items and services which we cannot re-solve with our Re units i.e. website designs, printing, web hosting and the printing company certainly would NOT entertain “taking a cheque” for the first run of cheque books etc. Eventually this sterling requirement will NOT be required. Also we are pragmatic in that, for now, we will HAVE TO RUN THE TWO CURRENCIES SIDE BY SIDE in order to facilitate an eventual TOTAL cross over.

Also you should be fully aware that any cheque signed off in STG £ is honoured to the PAYEE not in STERLING but in Re units – which are “monetary units of account” “cheque book money” or “bank ledger money of account”.

Q: Can I pay off the PUBLIC debt in Re instead of sterling?

A: Yes, this is an option. The currency box on the cheques is left blank – so you have the choice!

You can enter dollars [$], sterling [£], Euro [€] or any other symbol you wish

Q: What is WeRe Bank’s longer term objective?

A:WeRe Bank is a TRANSITION BANK and is positioned to buffer global populations from the turbulence of any financial melt-down or WAR that the Global Zionist Banking Elite attempt to expose you to over the inevitable breakdown of the global economy as they attempt TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION AND FINANCIAL SLAVERY. They are approximately 99% there as of 2015 May.


Q: Can you call in the Promise on the Note any time you wish?

A: No. It is NOT payable on demand. It has a maturity date.

Q: What if I have NOT paid down the note by its maturity date?

A: This is a possibility. However, please remember how much you will have saved by using the system and with access to the 1% Financial Transaction Tax bounty then realistically, by then, if this planet is still rotating on its axis – the monetary system, as you imagine it, will be no more.

 Q: What if I’m incapacitated and can’t perform to pay off the note?

A: Re-Insurance has an interventionist approach in order to protect its members. It has EVERY PROMISSORY NOTE UNDERWRITTEN.

Q: What if you trade the note, like the current commercial private Rothschild bandits do, and then having taken the money or pay-off, still come after me for the unpaid “loan” “debt” or “liability” [so called]?

As you will see from the wording of the note, we have the option of trading the note as a “negotiable financial instrument.” The moment we monetize it YOUR OBLIGATION ON IT IMMEDIATELY EXPIRES.

Q: Can I nominate my current weekly job hours to pay down the note?”

A: Yes, most certainly. We actively encourage this!

Q: What type of work qualifies for paying down the note besides the above?

A: Any work you perform, however menial you consider it, is classed as “Billable Time” at the basic rate as posted on the FLYER – WeRe Bank Flyer. These rates may change to the positive in the near future!

Q: Do I have access to the Global Collateral Accounts?

These are currently being un-ravelled and are in principle held in the hands of the Key-Holders of South East Asia. WeRe Bank has access to $500 billion in Gold Backed 1934 Chicago Federal Reserve Board Certificates. These are real assets and you have an equitable interest and claim on these accounts as a beneficiary – being a member of the Global Community born on Earth and NOT an ET, MIB, or member of the Global Cabal.

Q: Isn’t the 1% Financial Commercial UK Transaction Tax nothing more than a “pipe-dream?”


I hear that Re-Movement claims access to the revenue duties on behalf of all Re-Members [and hence eventually all the people of the United Kingdom] from the 1% Financial Commercial UK Transaction Tax amounting to “in excess of £1.85 trillion per annum” which is approximately THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT [£640 billion p/annum] CURRENTLY RAISED BY HM CUSTOMS AND REVENUE AND THE TREASURY WITH ALL ITS TAX REGIMES AND SCHEMES. How does this help me and is this not just “fantasy”?


A: The 1% FCUKTT is realistic and is currently being “marked to book” by WeRe Bank. It is collectable via “SET-OFF”.  We know where it is, we know how much it is and we do not require any degree of co-operation from “the City, the Vatican or the Global Zionist banking cartel” in order to mark it to book as we have the Mind, the Will and Power to extrapolate the accounts and via an energetic osmosis, sequester it into the accounting of the People’s Bank.

 Q: Can I pay private debts with the cheques?

For the moment we prefer you to pay only PUBLIC DEBTS [so called]

Q: I hear you are looking to introduce SCRIP as well as the present “monetary unit of account” called the Re? When will this occur?

A: Within the next 6 months – hopefully by October 2016

Q: What assets does WeRe Bank have? Does it have what we conventionally understand as being “real money?”

A: Yes it does. Real money is the bank of promissory notes it holds on your behalf. When you sign your own “promissory note” in effect you have created your own individual bank. You have made a promise to yourself to pay it off. We hold it for you and show you how to pay it off. The only thing of any value on this planet is “your promise” and hence “everyone else’s promise” to each other. Money, after all, has NEVER paid for anything. Never has and never will! The only thing that pays for “goods and services is Goods and Services!”

Q: We hear that WeRe Bank has support from “White Knights” –  what are they?

  1. These are the well intentioned members of the planetary community who fully understand and comprehend the scope of the global financial problems and are willing the collapse of the present unfair and barbarous system. They want “regime change” not in Bagdad, Tripoli or Rwanda but in London, Washington and Bonn

Q:Hi There,

“I am genuinely interested in the WeRe bank and I have two questions. Firstly can a WeRe bank account be used to pay off credit card debts. Secondly when it comes to repaying WeRe bank for the debt assumption, how does that work in regards to using my current job to offset the debt. I understand that time is money but how is it calculated, and is it just a case of me doing extra hours without taking payment as we currently know it for the task.”

 Kind regards, Sadie 


Hi Sadie – Good questions!

1. Yes, your WeRe Bank account will pay off CREDIT/ DEBTS up to Re148,000/£150,000 as long as you’ve produced a Promissory Note.

2.To pay down the NOTE then you can pay down the £150,000/Re148,000 as follows:
a) You pay down the £(PUBLIC SIDE) by booking your hourly work, your conventional 9-5pm (40 hour week) to us, and also:

b) in Re at Re12 the hour (On the private side) any additional work you do – school run, helping parents, gardening, driving someone to the airport etc etc. Voluntary work, community work etc.

This is why it works!
If you have only finite time to work, play, sleep live and then die, then the BLACK-HAT BANKING ENERGY THEFT SYSTEM wishes you to do one thing and one only: to waste it on useless underpaid manual, distractive debilitating graft. This gets them rich, you poor and dead or dead tired.

We ReDress this by “intervening as a Good Samaritan” and paying you with the Pool of Assets which is in part “The Global Wealth Pool ” hidden from you and the Pool of Units we have created to AID YOU. This pool is just the collective worth IN TIME of the people trapped in slavery FREED up as a “credit” to pay those who will “GET ON BOARD WITH THE PROGRAM”

Well, imagine that you were working at your current place of employment as an AGENCY worker – LOCUM or REPLACEMENT – SHORT TERM. The agency will pay you £7 per hour but collect £14 – you’re in effect earning £14 but receiving £7. WeRe Bank therefore acts as your “after the fact” placement officer/office.
Equally, if you were working as a consultant for a company or doing research work, once you have completed your findings then you can sell that to MULTIPLE companies – ie you’re the expert and they pay you in multiple sites.

WeRe Bank believes [and KNOWS] that you are worth a vastly higher hourly rate than your SLAVE MASTER ALLOCATES TO YOU.
So WeRe stepping in and “equitably rebalancing the equation” by saying: “We’ll pay you to work there and if he wishes to pay you then that’s good too!” The only difference is that we pay you in Re and he pays you in £

I hope this goes some way to explaining how we’ll engineer the pay down.

Also we have DECLARED ATTACHMENT to a 1% Financial Transaction Tax which brings in £1.845 trillion per annum – that’s over 3 times the TOTAL HMRC REVENUE currently brought in by all Government taxation!! This is The Banking Financial UK Commercial Transaction Tax [BFUKCTT]