WeReHeRe© to Protect You from Inflation, Taxation and Interest

Why is WeRe Bank here?

Primarily to act as a safety net for all peoples of the earth when the inevitable major financial and socio-economic crises hit the world stage. The reason it is inevitable is that it is man-made – as are all financial crises. The system of “monetary exchange for energy time spent” is not natural and is severely hindering mankind form spiritual development. It is a corrupt and ineffective system of “debt slavery” the absolute proof of which is the debacle of debt burying the world in 2016.

AIM 1 – To offer a humanitarian ReScue Plan to world populations in the event of a “successfully” engineered/attempted currency war and/or socio-economic collapse brought about by the Globalist NOW Agenda – This ReScue plan is called The Bridge Zone leading into The Buffer Zone

AIM 2 – To offer: truth, fairness, clarity and full transparency in banking practices and ensure a permanent and absolute increase in wealth for every human being – no matter where, who or why – and bring it into effect IMMEDIATELY and end debt slavery once and for all.

AIM 3 – To offer: The ReStoration of wealth and the cessation of the “3 wheels of fiction-friction” being INFLATION/TAXATION/INTEREST on money/energy imposed via trickery, cunning and deceit, the globalist, Zionist banking elite and their Extra Biological Entity (EBE) puppet masters.

The factors which ordain this collapse are:

7 Years of Quantitative Easing (QEII = Queen Elizabeth II) the purpose of which is, metaphorically speaking, to “load the basements of commerce with kerosene” – in the form of cheap money [this in electrical terms constitutes “negative capacitance”] – then at the most destructive time, the Cartel lights the fuse/creates the spark, the discharge, and they then step back. This policy or stratagem is always used by the banksters to “herd the populace” in the direction of the social engineering plan, drawn up decades before, and then to cover up the scene of the crime with “ordo ab chao!” – This is usually effected by a “war!”

To achieve this they must ensure that everyone is indebted to previously unimaginable proportions – this is why you are currently drowning in a sea of debt.

The next part of the agenda from 2009 was to then increase this QE insanity into other world sectors – Europe and China, then to begin to raise interest rates in order to “light the kerosene” in order to cause the maximum amount of global distress. This is the point you see yourself at now – early 2016.