Full Social Support Under the Auspices of the Planetary Trust. You have been told that I in order to spend you first have to earn, have you not?

Well you do not. This is eye wash. Corporate and Elitist Capitalist dogma, based upon one thing and one thing only – Lies! WeRe Bank is here to show you otherwise. It is here also to help end the misery of poverty and homelessness which year upon year the governing corporate elite tell you is unresolvable. UNRESOLVABLE? We’ll do it within 12 months.

The current financial system is based upon programmed to fail commercial death laws. These laws are overseen and enforced and instilled generation after generation by pirates and privateers who drive the natural man and woman off the land and onto the High Seas of Admiralty Commerce. You are all fed the lie that anyone can succeed, are you not? Does it bare credence? Is it the norm? No it is not. You are told that you can succeed but most, the vast majority fail their expectations, hopes and dreams. Money seems to be available to all but…

..The reality is though that for all sort of reasons, one being [p < p + i%], [and the unquestioned belief in and acceptance of the Debt Slavery Model installed via the Globalist Mind-set and then hence downloaded by you from them], there is always going to be situations whereby people just don’t have money because they cannot find work, can’t work FOR WHATEVER REASON or just simply life seems to have dealt them a bad-hand, so to speak.

The ethos of this statement is totally encapsulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 – which has since been conveniently buried under a mountain of statutory theft and jargon by the Moneyed and Controlling Elite – but it is there and is to be reckoned with.

The government, at basic levels, has always recognised the responsibilities which it has as a signatory of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights[UDHR] to honour that there is a requirement to provide a basic standard of living to all peoples within its borders or sphere of influence.

The problem with this is that often the receipt of these funds – to live – is predicated upon means testing or compliance with some pre-agreed “social contract”.

We believe that if you ask for it – then you have a desire or need for it and so we offer it to you.

To all homeless, destitute, hungry or other unfortunates WeRe Bank now offers an alternative

To anyone joining with us from March 21st 2016 WeRe Bank will credit their account with 250Re per month in order for them to pay for food and shelter and transport

We will credit your account with 250Re per month as long as you are a MEMBER of ReMovement. There is no charge for membership, in your case, other than a necessity for you to pay Re10 via work effort which equates to about 1 hours energy expenditure

I order to qualify you need to apply for a membership number and a card which will be charged with an amount per month – which you can spend within reason as you choose.

To associate with us you simply need an SDNF – Society Domicile Non-Fixe

Your card will be delivered to your Local Centre {SDNF} where you will sign for it and then attend to have it recharged. It will have a “governor” on it and so you cannot spend it all on one day and cannot have it stolen from you. Lost cards will be treated as stolen – 2 replacements maximum in any 6 month period.

You can apply additional value to the card in several ways:

  1. We will accept your local currency and charge the card with that amount so you can spend in that currency or in Re for a limited time.

  2. You can visit the Local WeRe Bank centre on the monthly date allocated to you to have your 250 Re loaded onto the card.

  3. We will also allow and encourage you to engage in work projects of your choice on our list and will credit you with Re12 for each hour worked. These worked hours are subject to proof that you have actually completed the work.

  4. We will have you adopted by a local business in your immediate area and they will be able to load your card from their account too.

We know that there are numerous organisations including the Women’s Institute that are eager to help promote our cause and so please ask them to reach out to ReMovement and WeRe Bank in order to expand and help us co-ordinate the aim to have ALL HOMELESS OFF THE STREETS BY 2018.

Homeless? ReMove them ALL by 2018 Project

We would also like to offer the initiative to all companies in the UK [and afar] to join with ReMovement by taking on a homeless person and sponsoring that individual by way of providing a “small daily stipend” which is either given – no strings attached – or given in return for some small service he/she may perform – like ensuring if said person is sleeping outside of your doorway, that they are up and gone from your doorway by 7am; or ensuring the premises are kept clean and trouble free. Maybe this man/woman can also make tea and coffee on the company premises and the money they then begin to get paid allows them to acquire a place to live as they already have a “small micro-job” and employment thanks to you? Yes, we know all the naysayer arguments BUT we are building a world we want and NOT which were are told HAS TO BE!!