How to join!

“Greetings everyone!”

 Let’s Get ReStarted, shall we!

Those who wish to download the Promissory Note may do so here:

Pdf 2Promissory Note Tutorial – How to fill it in [“>

Download (PDF, 2.05MB)

Pdf 1 Promissory Note 

Download (PDF, 1.69MB)

Upon completion the Promissory Note and membership fees should be sent to:

WeRe Bank/ReMovement


10 Queen Street,





How to Join?


  1. Complete the JOIN FORM [digitally ON LINE]
  2. Print off the Promissory Note (PN) from the template on the site AS SHOWN ABOVE
  3. Complete it fully ensuring that it is dated, and the information is correct and that it is witnessed by two (2) witness autographs/signatures on the front and that their addresses are WRITTEN AND LEGIBLE on the back of the PN.
  4. Once you have completed the JOIN form and the Promissory Note, ensuring that you make a copy for your records, then place the Promissory Note in a SECURE PLASTIC ENVELOPE (along with the necessary fees) and send to the address below. If several of you are joining together then why not share the cost of postage? Please remember:
  5. We do NOT accept electronic payments via conventional banking lines, cheques or Postal/Money Orders. Please send CASH and in € Euros/£GBP/US$. Gold and silver is also acceptable.


  2. PAYMENT (minimum will be £55/€70 if you require a Legal and Lawful Tender Bank Note Book – LLT)

Upon completion the Promissory Note and membership fees should be sent to:

WeRe Bank/ReMovement


10 Queen Street,





The Cost of ReMembership 

You will need to also enclose your set-up fee [if possible in GBP] for the LLT Note Book which is still  £25/€30  and the membership contribution to ReMovement which is £30/€36 payable quarterly as a minimum. The amounts therefore you would send to us for the WeRe Bank LLT Notebook and  ReMembership would be:-

3 months = £55/€65/$70

6 months = £85/€100/$110

9 months = £115/€135/$150

12 months = £145/€175/$188


The processing of your membership request may take up to twenty-one (21) days from receipt so please be patient as we are actively trying to move away from a TOTAL RELIANCE upon the internet and everything which it RePresents. See The Bridge Zone Project and Peoples Induced Global Currency Collapse

The status of your account will be placed on PENDING following your on-line submission and prior to us receiving your promissory note and application form with the relevant membership fees at our Newcastle address.

Upon receipt of your completed form and Promissory Note and your contribution fees, your account will be ACTIVATED and a DSN (Debt Settlement Notebook) issued. You will receive an email confirming this.

LLT Notebook – Name and Currency

Each LLT Notebook is individually printed with your name and account number. What you have entered upon the form is what we print on the book. If you do not enter details legibly we will NOT print off the book. It is IMPERATIVE THAT YOU STATE BOTH THE CURRENCY AND NAME YOU WISH TO HAVE WRITTEN UPON YOUR Debt Settlement Notebook accurately and clearly when you submit the form. If we cannot read your entry then it will be placed on HOLD.

25 characters is the maximum length of name we can accommodate – including spaces.


All your information is securely encrypted on a private server using only the best common practices and available, up to date, FOSS technologies.


Your account number will be your date of birth [DD/MM/YY] + two (2) initials, so for someone named David Cooper DOB: 12th September 1960 his account number would be: 120960DC.  Please ensure that you remember this sequence – write it down as you enter it.


Please spend this time productively and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the techniques and counter-arguments necessary to combat the companies who may try to refuse payments in your instruments. We particularly recommend the ideology contained in the documents called YALTA 1,2 and Bitesize. WeRe Bank has provided you with the mechanism for the battle to succeed but as we have limited resources we cannot “hand-hold” everyone in their progress along this path. This is NOT a short-term or guaranteed resolution every time. The instruments, the Promissory Note and the LLT’s, cheques are valid and fully secured and enforceable. However, when dealing with “insanity” as the current banking, financial and commercial and injustice system surely is, then all we can do is try to treat the patient.

Thank you for your interest in WeRe Bank and Re-Movement. After reading the above listed instructions we now ask you to complete this JOIN form (link)

FAQ:Why a membership fee?

“We don’t take donations generally speaking and we don’t ask for them either”.

JOINING WeRe Bank is easy (see above) BUT first of all you must become a member of ReMovement, the political/spiritual/temporal arm of this change function. This costs you £10 per month payable quarterly, half yearly or annually and this is done simply by ticking the ACCEPTANCE BOX on the WeRe Bank website at And then sending your payment to: WeRe Bank/ReMovement, BRAMPTON BUSINESS CENTRE, 10 Queen Street,Newcastle, Staffordshire, ENGLAND, ST5 1ED.

This ReQuirement of contribution, is effected to ensure that:

  • We build a strong foundation of educated and intelligent members who have taken a “positive and informed decision” to shake off the “night-gown of ignorance and delegation of power” to political hyenas who have sold them short from time immemorial. The instant you ask someone – anyone – to make or take decisions for you, then you have “ipso facto” handed over your power to them. Have they betrayed that gift? You decide!

  • We are above all practical in our aims. Though the Re is the currency/ exchange medium of choice it is NOT acceptable as much as it should be initially, therefore we have to have an International Outreach Unit (IOU) which for now is the pagan,FIAT, Fractional Reserve Nonsense issued by the Central Bankers cartel.
  • That we create loyalty to our ideology, philosophy and movement which leads to ensuring…

  • That we also drain energy from the parasitic – phantom system of abuse, which has attached itself to mankind – and which is now being cut off from the Human Tara/Gaia Over-Soul Matrix. If energy is being directed to ReMovement then under the Laws of Conservation of Energy it cannot be going elsewhere

Soon  you can present your PlanetRePayment™ Card to any trader/service provider or anyone else with a WeRe Bank account and they will be paid/credited within 24 hours – GUARANTEED!

If you WeRe looking for a Real alternative to High Street Banking Banditry then WeReHeRe is the answer

“The 1st EveR Revolution with a pen and a note book!”


This photograph is taken of the foyer floor of the

Bank of England, Threadneedle Street EC2R 8AH, City of London.

The double =  lines written through the “L” letter which is the POUND sign – standing for “Livre Angevin” [or Libre] or “book” standing for “Double Entry Book-Keeping” –  does  NOT have the same significance as the single line drawn nowadays through the $, € or £ symbol  upon your notes. Why is this?

What are they telling you?

Peter of England

Bank of England £