Announced for all people of the world and delivered  by WeRe Bank


You all know by now the model of WeRe Bank and the very sound principles upon which it operates. and

WeRe Bank is a private bank, seeded under common law and based on the land. WeRe Bank’s Debt Settlement Program was launched in the UK in June 2012 and ReStated at a time of “Prorogation of the British Parliament” in April 2015. It fast caught people’s imagination and spread around the world. Freeman Legal Services was launched in 2012 and also offered Debt Assumption Protocols. WeRe bank and ReMovement are both comprised of the people who identify with it. Its assets are simply the “vault of the promissory notes” as well as the “time units” it stores on behalf of ALL HUMANITY – past, present and future. In addition it has pledged assets from 3rd parties.

The ideas behind WeRe Bank were trialled in early 2011. It has its own unit of monetary exchange or monetary unit of account, bank ledger or cheque book money called the Re. This unit is based upon TIME – the fungible unit being the minute. The hour – being 1/8766 of a Mean Solar Tropical year (MSTY).

Contrary to Establishment Propaganda it also allows payments to be made IN ANY FIAT [FRL] CURRENCY as a “force majeur!”


WeRe Bank, being a private bank founded under Common Law on Land, has no compliance requirements with any government or regulatory agency or taxation authority on this planet. As far as the ECB, BIS, IMF, FED, BOE or World Bank [and their vigilante enforcement agencies are concerned] we are a direct competitor to the “monopolistic grip” which they have and hold on to – namely the global money/energy supply. To this end we are the nemesis of corruption, usury and the existing banking, financial and commercial insurance and Transnational Privateer Corporations model which has infected the planetary commercial system of Men. This is the principal reason why “they” have been hostile to our overtures. We neither operate with them nor do we recognise them as lawful. We defend the Truth – we do not attack the Lie!

Why the PlanetRePaymentCard is now offered?

The global planetary elite have set 2017 – 2018 as the year in which they finally raise the draw-bridge and take their world “CASHLESS!” This is NOT good news for you in any form – especially if you are IN their world. Once the ELECTRONIC SYSTEM IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND CASH IN NOW NO LONGER “king” but stands abandoned & usurped by the bastard that is “virtual reality crypto currency” and the King is now languishing in jail – then game is very much over for you! The Poisoned Chalice will be offered and many will be eager to drink from it

From that point on you will never be able to conduct any type of financial transaction without PERMISSION FROM THE CENTRAL SERVER – which does not serve you BUT does them! THIS IS THE CREATION OF HIVE MIND

What this means to you, your family and your business!

You will no longer be able to pay for so much as an ice cream without your transactions and whereabouts being known to the 1p, to the inch and to the second. Dissent or “holding wrong view” will not be tolerated and a SWITCH OFF of the energy which the card supplies to you (temporarily or permanently) in order for you to live with is made remotely and by a face-less robotic machine. In order for the SUPPLY TO BE RESTORED you will be required to be “re-educated”. This is the cashless proximity payment future parked up in 2017 for you if we do NOT de-energize their plans. Welcome to Machine World – the world of drones and robots and such like.

Embrace NOW the People’s Instigated Global Currency Collapse – JOIN WeRe Bank now!