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Ring-fence & Protect your Personal Wealth now no matter what happens in the currency/financial markets with one simple click of a button

The question is not if but when is the globalist destabilization agenda going to be activated in order to bring the peoples of the world into fully accepting their New World Order – One World Currency.”

Peter of England 2011


We are in the end of a well-orchestrated speculative and well-hidden financial market collapse. Yes we had the “hors d’oeuvre” in 2008 I know but this time it is different than in 2008. It’s different this time because then there was FIAT MONEY TO BURN and what they have done since then is BURN IT. Now with all the QE and other bullshit paraded out to distract and hobble mankind, the spending done with worse results than before, a mathematical certainty awaits – there is nowhere to go on this leg but down. That’s why it’s different.

Eight years of priming the markets for this collapse will ensure that when this collapse comes it will be a “biggy!”

The smoke will settle and the Problem Reaction Solution agenda will be in force. The people will cry out and plead: “Do anything you like but please give us back our money to spend!” And you will be listened to – and they will give you a re-financing structure all right! But wow! Will it cost you.

The Origins of This Collapse – 1914 – 1918 and 1945

This action is primarily necessary to hide the degree of looting, theft and pillage which the politicians have allowed their juiced in, transnational corporatocracy privateer brigand of brothers to pursue aided and abetted by the creation and overseeing and enforcement of the Statutory Incursions into daily life and the monetization of the very act of “living!” bullying everyone into submission via a corrupted and bent judiciary and police force. The transnational corporations and international moneyed interests have again duped you and run off with the loot. You are left staring at an empty pension pot, a defunct stock-market, a currency which is worthless and nowhere to turn.

This time the world is too tired, too lame, too spent out for another turn!

That is until now.

Why is WeRe Bank here?

Primarily to act as a safety net for all peoples of the earth when the inevitable major financial and socio-economic crises hit the world stage. The reason it is inevitable is that it is man-made – as all financial crises. The system of monetary exchange for energy time spent is not natural and is severely hindering mankind form spiritual development

The factors which ordain this collapse are:

7 Years of Quantative easing the purpose of which is, metaphorically speaking, to “load the basements of commerce” with kerosene – cheap money – then at the most destructive time, light the fuse and step back. This policy or stratagem is always used by the bankers to “herd the populace” in the direction of the social engineering plan drawn up decades before and then to cover up the scene of the crime with “ordo ab chao!” – This is usually effected by a “war!”

To achieve this then they must ensure that everyone is spent out and in debt to previously unimaginable proportions – this is what you currently languish in – a sea or morass of debt.

The next plan from 2009 was to then increase this QE insanity into other world sectors Europe and China.

Then begin to raise interest rates in order to “light the kerosene” in order to cause the maximum amount of global distress. This is the point you see yourself at now.


What is WeRe Bank here to do?”

AIM 1 – To offer a humanitarian ReScue Plan to world populations in the event of an engineered currency war and/or socio-economic collapse brought about by the Globalist Agenda – This is called The Bridge Zone

AIM 2 – To offer: truth, fairness, clarity and full transparency in banking practices and ensure a permanent and absolute increase in wealth for every human being – no matter where, who or why!

AIM 3 – To offer: The ReStoration of wealth and the cessation of the “3 wheels of fiction-friction” being INFLATION/TAXATION/INTEREST on money/energy imposed via trickery, cunning and deceit.

How do we do this?

Foresight is inner-sight. WeRe Bank is ideologically positioned to explain the true nature of money and “modern day money mechanics”. WeRe Bank is a private bank formed by the self-organisation of like-minded people whose aim is to free mankind from the debt slavery and “embedded” and propagandized belief in “lack, scarcity and limitation” artificially spun around them by a controlling, despotic and tyrannical, socio-pathetic moneyed elite.

To also provide you with an anti-dote/dose to the toxic debt product which has been pumped into human society by the Zionist global bankers and rabidly commercial Trans National Corporations and Privateers and those interests which DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. This Babylonian debt slavery is immoral, unethical, usurious and plain debilitating to all life forms upon this planet.

What you need to do?


  1. Register and join WeRe Bank on line today –

  2. Register an up to date copy of your private net worth – uploading proof via a jpg./ pdf /scanned image.

  3. WeRe bank will immediately ring fence, assure and protect THE TOTAL VALUE OF YOUR DECLARED BANK AND PENSION ASSETS regardless of the mayhem and catastrophic conditions which will beset society over the coming months in The PlanetReServe Currency = The Re

  4. The Down Side risk is the annual fee and disclosure – £120 p/a – £60 half yearly, £30 quarterly

  5. The Up Side ReWard is a veritable and secured “wealth carry-through” of your hard earned energy/money transmuted into an INDESTRUCTIBLE AND UNTOUCHABLE trading unit (the Re) SO THAT NO MATTER WHAT BEFALLS THE MARKETS AND NO MATTER HOW LONG THE BREAD QUEUES BECOME transported to the other side of financial Armageddon, you will have a currency to spend and people to spend it on and with.

Now not all will welcome this journey and many will initially turn their nose and then their backs – however, if the truth be told, they have no choice at all. They imagine that there is such a choice but this is just illusion.

The PlanetRePaymentCard associated with The Bridge Zone Project cannot be substituted or copied as it is a divinely ordained and captured path to a inviolable energetic coded corridor!