The Bridge Zone Project

What is The Bridge Zone?

The Bridge Zone Project is the Globalist Central Banker’s Worst Nightmare Imaginable. It is a People Induced Organised Currency Collapse. It provides the best known anti-dose to the malady which you all face – lack of everything!

It empowers you fully. Instead of sitting there awaiting an unsure and most uncertain future, one over which you currently have ZERO control, you Re-take the initiative by controlling the money supply!

The Bridge Zone Project allows the people of the world to abandon the Old Tired and Worn out fossilized world of usury and energy theft and maroon the best laid plans of the global banking elite, the politicians and their Other Assistants in one fell-swoop. How? With TIME™

What is a bridge used for?

Well mainly for people and animals and goods to get for one side of something to the other is it not? It is also by its nature a two-way accessible zone or transport conduit – you can move both ways, can you not? So let’s look at what WeRe offering!

First of all, The Bridge Zone is an ambitious plan which prevents the global controlling elites and rogue moneyed interests, gaining total and irrevocable control of your energy and wealth – hence your life, evolutionary development and Soul Matrix. We prevent them simply by offering you a choice. This choice involves you walking the bridge from one side of a metaphorical river bank to other. It’s simple but maybe not easy!

The logic behind it is as follows: If we cannot move the parasite from the host then we’ll remove the host from the parasite. This engages advanced multi-dimensional physics but for now let’s just stay with the Walk Across The Bridge of TIME™ shall we!

Walk Across The Bridge of TIME™

Now, most people tend to be creatures of habit and “like their side of the river bank.” They imagine that it gives them security – it is a KNOWN – though in truth, the other side may be much more suitable, they prefer to stay put. Procrastination, lethargy, apathy, plain old laziness and ignorance are all bed-fellows which are a threat to you in this exercise, as also is the lack of “discernment” and lack of ambition. You are also assailed by media propaganda and Vibrational Reducers.

The time to move is now – the encampment is moving to the other side – so you are either moving with it or without it – your choice. To remain behind is also a choice.

What is the “Planet-Re-Payment”™ Card?  The Card is The Bridge

The “Planet-Re-Payment”™ Card is a normal looking plastic card which is charged with currency. Currency is no more than confidence, belief and trust. It is very much like an electronic wallet. It is possible to have various currencies denominated upon it at the same time. It has a magnetic stripe and also a chip. There is a version which resembles a USB or Data Pen too.

How it works?

Valued Stored

It is important to note that unlike conventional bank cards the “funds to your account and hence spending power” are actually carried on the card itself and NOT held remotely upon a bank server. This means that if you lose the card then the money too is “theoretically lost!” This having been said we do of course have the ability to cancel that card and it does have a security code to prevent “unauthorised use” but you get the message. Examples of this card are the Oyster Card used by London Transport and TokHeim Fuel Cards etc. It is also important to note that the card when used to pay for transactions is NOT connected to the internet NOR is it connected to a phone line in order to dial into an approving server. This gives total SECRECY AND PRIVACY to the 2 parties to the transaction up and until the DATA ON THE CARD TERMINAL IS UPLOADED TO WeRe Bank – where it stays!

Values Debited

1.The cards can be used wherever you see the “WeReHeRe” sign or the Re Symbol. It is also best to ask your local “goods and services supplier” if he accepts Re as a unit of payment – many will.

There more of you who ask for such service the faster grows our network.

2.Once you have agreed to the purchase or trade amount you simply enter the card into the terminal which the retailer, goods or services provider or merchant has. This terminal is the only one that can read our cards. Conventional “fiat fractional reserve currency terminals” touted by the likes of Maestro, Visa and MasterCard do not accept our card and our terminals cannot see theirs.

3.Validate the amount to be DEBITED form your card in the Unit of Currency Agreed.

4.You then confirm the transaction will go ahead and hit the CONFIRM button.

5. Keep the receipt

Values Credited or Loaded Up

Once you have used the currency on your card you will need to go to your Local WeRe Bank Bridge Zone Station to ReCharge it from your account. You can do this in three ways:

A. For a limited period – purchase Re or other currency with your domestic FIAT currency until we Retire it fully in 2017/18

B. Have the money deducted from the Promissory Note which you lodged with WeRe Bank

C. Have your local worked for Units of Re earned at Re12 per hour loaded onto the card – Locally

Why it is accepted?

The card is accepted because of the freedom it gives both parties to the exchange of energy – in the form of Units Called “money”. This card allows both parties to make a revolutionary statement declaring their freedom from conventional banking and commercial practices. What is there to argue against?

Where is it accepted and why should you try it?

Where ever you see the WeReHeRe sign then you know your Home!

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, garage mechanics, dentists, florists, veterinarians, doctors, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofers, scaffolders, brick-layers engineers, all artisans and tradesmen are the back bone of society – not the multi nationals. These people are WeRe = men we want!

It is also accepted because it allows greater growth of business and greater wealth generation by the “goods and services and retail supplier” because more people will actively choose to use him/her due to their ethical stance, their allegiance to a brother-hood within a Circle of Trust and also because the retailer/supplier is not subject to taxation or debit of his account by any outside agency.

He can price his goods lower to obtain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE while at the same time accepting payments in either Re or his local/national currency – as he chooses.

His business will be publicised on our site and so people WILL HAVE TO TRAVEL TO HIM if they wish to ReDeem their Re or other currencies into his/her account. This is the trade.

There is NO requirement therefore for a TOTAL BUY IN TO THE IDEA on his/her behalf – he/she can suck it and see. All they require initially to get them started is:

1. The Terminal and

2. The WeReHeRe Sign