Banking and Employment services backed by TIME©

Time Is Moving Energy™

WeRe Bank is an employment provider as well as a bank. It will pair “that which is required to be done with that human being who can facilitate the requirement!” [See Leaflet 1] This produces a paradigm shift in energy transfer between people and groups. How? Well conventional “Debt Slavery” economic models taught globally as part of the globalist agenda of control tech and affirm that unless you have first, then you cannot give. We teach otherwise.

The WeRe Bank model shows, quite logically, that there is absolutely no necessity for THE CUSTOMER REQUIRING THE SERVICE ELEMENT OR THE TRANSACTION (as opposed to the goods element) to first have CREDIT IN AN ACCOUNT before he/she can receive the SERVICE. What that means is that an 80year old widow, for example, can have her house re-roofed by a roofer, or electrics re-installed by an electrician, even though she does NOT have sufficient money to pay for the service herself. How can that be?


WeRe Bank, as employment provider, CREDITS THE ACCOUNT OF THE ROOFER/ELECTRICIAN on behalf of both parties to the agreement. The credit side to the equation [GENERATED BY THE EXISTENCE OF THE WIDOW AND HER NEED] is the OPPORTUNITY COST WHICH SHE [THE WIDOW in this example], has delivered to the roofer/electrician by OPENING UP AND ALLOWING AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE ROOFER/ELECTRICIAN etc TO DELIVER HIS SKILLS/WORK/EFFORT!


ReMember – “To give and receive are but one in truth.” In effect – if the widow HAD qualified for the LOAN at her high street bank – the roofer would have been NONE THE WISER AND WOULD CARE LITTLE ABOUT THE SOURCE OF THE UNITS OF ACCOUNT with which he was paid.