Why join WeRe Bank?

Maybe better answered by asking “What happens if I don’t join?


Well by not joining us you affirm your belief and support for the banking and finance system which has systematically enslaved you and kept you and yours captive for the past several thousand years. The key to the control which the Church, the Temple, the state, the government, the courts, the policy men, the schools, the teachers in them, the universities and the teachers in them too, the society as a whole exerts upon you, is all born by and stylized by a system of ENERGY THEFT which you must begin to comprehend in order to see that you are at war!

What a shocker! What a surprise! Really ? You haven’t noticed?

You are at war unknowingly and that’s why everything is so confusing, everything fails to make sense on or at any level of investigation and explains why so many die of lack or food, lack of medicines, lack of love and care, lack of housing/shelter, lack of basic requirements to life and why many more are bombed and killed by programs of eugenics and genocide which are hidden in plain sight

If you are of a religious persuasion then it is good to note that only at one time is it reported in the New Testament that Jesus, The Christ, seemingly lost his temper – and on that occasion he threw the money-changers out of the Temple

The current Baal cult worshipping, Cybelline, Britannia, Roman Venetian – Genovese – Florentine double entry bookkeeping system of “indulgence selling” in return for forgiveness of sin which passes for banking and finance on this planet has to be changed. The courts are nothing other than confessionals and the Elite who tell you what to do, how to do and when to do it are the High Priests of your Temple. They tell you when to be born and send you to your battle-field death. This Temple you worship at daily and cow and tow to the False idols and Pop idols and gods of base metal which you have set up to take all responsibility from you. The politicians lie to you with a determination that would bend iron bars – once elected they renege on everything but still you re-elect them. Why?

You are all cowards and looking to get them to do what you are too scared yourself to do…that is get one over on your neighbour/brother. Think it through and get back to me!

How did it happen? Who’s to blame?

Well, if it’s the truth you’re after, and If it’s the guilty you seek – then you need only look in a mirror!

Angry minds cause war – and most people are angry for most of the time. You claim an exception? Then if you paint the face of innocence onto yourself my friend, where have you painted the other?

Baal Cult – Demon Central – If we are about money and energy then we have to go after The Beast in its lair

The City of London is the principle cell of this activity and it controls the planetary financial system with brutality, assassination, murder, fear, coercion, repression, torture, bullying threats of war and war. It will stop at nothing and no one to ensure it benefit and fills the pockets of the rich and influential which it claims have the right to Rule you as their birth-right.

The Monarchy is as much a part of this system as are the politicians of Westminster the bankers themselves and the generals of the 3 branches on the armed forces who sell their souls so cheaply and then sell the souls of their men even more so…shame on you!

That, in a nutshell, is why you have to join WeRe Bank.

WeRe Bank is an energy conduit – it is a method of opening up another kind or fair and transparent energy usage.

Benefits: You take action where action can be taken

You create a form of suffrage – you vote with your energy

You transfer all your debts to WeRe Bank which gladly accepts them and then brokers a Jubilee Deal for you

WeRe Bank helps you ReSolve any and every debt crisis you face. You retain full title to all goods and property which you formerly DID NOT own

When people join they will receive a cheque book to help them create their own money

When you join you Re-structure the planetary energy supply – you change the junction points on the train tracks of energy theft which has been perpetrated upon you and your ancestors.

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL …what a trillion is £,$,€ is and then realize that the USA budget deficit is 19 of them. To put this in perspective if from 1 AD you had spent £1,000,000 per day, each and every day until today THEN YOU STILL WOULD NOT HAVE SPENT EVEN 1 trillion. So what is going on?

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL…all the days since 1AD. And on every day since 1 AD people have been born and people have died. Most will have died without ever realizing a fraction of a degree of their full potential. Their dreams, hopes, desires, plans all died with them. Many have been born and died in poverty, disease cold and hunger. Even in the 1700’s in England the mortality rate for under 6’s was 60%. For thousands of years people have suffered cold and misery in squalid cities or settlements huddled together for warmth and starved to death like in Ireland in the 1850’s in the Great Famine. This should motivate you somewhat into asking “Why was it so?” The answer is simple in its finding – it was all for a lack of money!

But was there not enough? Surely there was – there was more than enough – but greed, avarice, self-interest, religion and man’s stupidity, cruelty and deceit ensured that all these people went to those graves as if attached at the waist to a steam-powered steel hawser. Dragged to their graves – shrivelled, ill, cold, malnourished and poor!

Throughout the 800’s Europe was torn by war as it was in the 1200’s

The monarchs collected their taxes in order to fight far off wars for which they gained invariably very little and the sweat from the brows of the serfs, the poor and everyone else paid for their folly. The elite and the barons took charge – they said what was good for them and theirs and issued laws to ensure that it was so. They then paid a private police force to instil fear into all and any who refused to pay or comply ended up imprisoned and tortured and hung.

And on it went. Through the 1700’s and 1800’s, the Napoleonic wars, the Boar war, The Crimean war, then into the 1900’s when we had The War to End all Wars WW1 which did nothing of the sort followed by WW2 some 21 years later.

Then we had the Korean war, the Cold war, the Vietnam war, the 7 day war, Palestinian war, Lebanon, Congo, Rwanda, the Falklands, invasion of Panama, The Balkans, Serbia, the Iraq war, Libya, Syria, Iran – WAR – WAR – WAR!

Can you ever stop for one moment and ask:

Where does this lunacy come from?”

 It comes from bankers – bankers who loan money in secret to governments composed of fat-bloated self-serving politicians and landed gentry who simply want more of what they have, wealth.

 WEALTH is a drug and those addicted to it just want more – they don’t care either how they get it or who pays for it they just want it!

So, if you want to stop it then WeRe Bank will show you how – follow the new money trail!